About Us.


A super quality experience: that's exactly what you get once you join the RichmondXVII community.
We, Jimmy (24) and Melvin (27), are the CEO and founder of the innovative clothing brand
RickmondXVII since April 5th 2022. As we were booking our next trip to Dubai after a wonderful
month in Mallorca, a fantastic idea bubbled up in both of us. "A community based clothing line", we
named it. We were immediately excited by this idea and did not hesitate for a second to make this
idea a reality, because: anything you put passion and energy into, is guaranteed to become a success.
Our clothing brand has a strong distinguishing capacity in terms of quality. You can feel this as soon
as you put on one of our soft, but also breezy clothing items. We only work with the best materials
and fabrics so you can rock for years in one of our luxurious items.
Are you buying one of our clothing items? Then you belong directly to our close community. We
value a strong community feeling and radiate it with the clothing brand RichmondXVII. Every year we
organize the coolest events for our community members to contribute to this close community. And
guess what your ticket to one of our events will be? Right, your dope outfit from RichmondXVII. So
not only you, but everyone around you will know that you are one of our community members.
RichmondXVII wants to send out a clear message: "Do what you need to do, creating your own
hype". Everything you dream of becomes reality if you are willing to work hard for it. Nothing is too
crazy or impossible and you are worthy to make your dreams come true. Are you ready to make your
dreams come true? Then there is always a whole supporting community behind you.
Do you, like many others before you, want to be part of the RichmondXVII Community? Then now it’s
the time to check out our latest clothing items.
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